It all started at a bar...

No, but really, it did!


We're Kelsey & Tony Tenamore, the owners of Everlasting Event Services!

We met over 8 years ago at a bar that Tony was working at and that Kelsey soon started working at as well.

We worked together on and off for about 5 years and quickly developed a relationship that in turn, resulted to three kids and a marriage (in that order!)

But also during those 5 years, we developed a LOVE for people, parties, bartending and everything else in between. Which resulted in a BUSINESS!

Everlasting Event Services was founded in 2018 with the help of our many years

of experience in the bar and restaurant industry. 

Tony has a passion for business, marketing and entrepreneurship, while Kelsey has a

background in corporate event planning and public relations. 

Together we are so excited to see where this business takes us and to provide

a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience to all of our future clients. 

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Kelsey + Tony

The Meaning Behind "EES"

Back in the beginning of 2018, when our business was still just a little thought in our heads.

Our son Ashton (almost 4 at the time), would come home from school saying/spelling the word E-E-S.⁣

“What did you do at school today bud?” “EES”⁣

“Hey Ashton, what color is that toy?” “EES”⁣

“That’s a cute stuffed animal, what’s his name?” “EES”⁣

Months went by and that’s all he would say to anything.⁣

Fast forward a bit (to when that little thought in our heads became something more) and there we were trying to name our business. We texted back and forth a few different suggestions, ultimately trying to come up with a name that could grow with us as a business.⁣

Kelsey texted with the suggestion: “Everlasting Event Services”⁣

A few seconds went by and Tony responded: “I love it. E-E-S.”⁣

It was not even planned to be related, so we knew it was meant to be.

⁣ To this day, we still don’t know what EES meant to Ashton, but it will always hold

a special place in our heart with our business. ⁣